My Roles:

  • Camera Operator

Having scouted Beaverton’s Laserport for several months and refusing pitch after pitch to film an artist in that space, we were starting think that a shoot there wasn’t going to happen. But when we found out that YACHT was playing a homecoming show in Portland, everything came together. And better yet, they already had plans to film an episode for Morgan Spurlock’s new series, A Day in the Life. I emailed Jona Bechtolt, and 48 hours later, the band had flown in from LAX and we were hauling their gear into Laserport.

If shooting in a dark, blacklight laser tag arena with tons of amped kids running around and top-40 techno remixes bumping between takes wasn’t challenging enough, imagine jamming Spurlock’s entire crew in there with us as they filmed us filming. It was weird and stressful, but that’s the point. For a behind the scenes look at this shoot, you can watch the entire A Day in the Life episode on Hulu.